In Trouble (Shyheim)

"In Trouble" Yeah, yeah, word, what? "In Trouble" That's my word, Allah "In Trouble" Get me out of this one, please! "In Trouble" I'll never do it again, for real "In Trouble" Word, somebody help me, it's real "In Trouble" Please make everything be ok "In Trouble" I'm in a well, I can't get out "In Trouble" I'm trapped, for real "When you're down.. in trouble" I'm tellin' you "In Trouble" Nobody gon' be there for you "And you need some love and care" Come on, I need you son I'm tellin' you, you better listen to me I'm your son and I love you That's my word Listen son, listen Yo yo yo yo For real, yo, yo, yo For real, yo, yo, yo I'ma keep it real, yo, yo, yo I'ma keep it real Three-to-six facin', new indictment Plus violation of probation, I had to do the boogie oogie Absent from court like class, I had to play hookey The pressure was on, tippy tippy, I'm on my toes Fuck risin' to the occasion, the temperature been rose Set it off like intros, blast you and your kin folks A trouble maker, bitcher taker, a scorpio Naughty by Nature, my Unit brings the Flavor We cake up like make up, and in New York Fuck the daily news, Shyheim, I made the paper Want a anchor and a lock, drop-top, three-and-a-quarter My mother in Hell said, "People in Hell want ice water" It'll be a manslaughter, private-eye, that's an order I know where them cowards be standin', on the corner Is it 'caine or money order? One love cousin I thought it was when it wasn't, the dust had me buggin' Pssh.. word up son "When you're down, In Trouble" When you down, they scatter like roaches "And you need some love and care" They be scared to death to pull them burners out them holsters Yo, word to my mother, I think they eat holsters For real, son But y'all I'ma bring it like, yo.. Yo, yo, yo How the fuck y'all was thinkin'? Shyheim/Abe Lincoln So what you ain't hear me on the Clan album, featurin' At best I'm kept secretive like Mase and trees want to hold me in captive in Babylon like Julias Maccabees That's blasphemy, Shaolin'll blast for me I eat niggas like plates, from Applebee's Wu-Tang Killa Bees, we cause casualties Collect annual fees, from y'all pussy-ass niggas Who album should've come with a piece of gum and a tattoo sticker A lot of my niggas, they've returned to the Earth And in front of their hurse, I kick the same verse 'cause everythin' the pastor said was fake and it hurt "In Trouble" That's my word Niggas don't be there for real "And you need some love and care" Word bond, all you get is a five-- five minute conversation Word, they like, "Yo, remember him?" "In Trouble" For real, "Remember them?" Word up, son, man "And you need some love and care" God won't even give no flowers on your tombstone I'm tellin' you, knowin' who is your homies Niggas'll be stingy that you hang with Uh, uh, uh.. When I was ten years old, I realized that with an O I could flip that and bring back a brick in coke Never took a short, never took a snort Caught a warrant in New York for not appearin' in court But I'll stilll survive, some of my closest homies died Murdered in homicides, I just couldn't let it slide Fuck money, jury and bein' a rap star I hoped out shootin', soon as my bitch stopped the car Plus Shyheim with the scar did it That's what everyone said on my trial menace They thought I was finished, but then I got acquitted And pied niggas in their eye for the fuckin' spinach Not for Olive Oyl Yea, word, for real This goes out to all my (spoiled) real peoples "In Trouble" Graduated, on the real, from the School of Hard Knocks One thug to the last slug "In Trouble" To all my niggas, bein' out for the law People that come and diss you, official Outlawz Forms of snakes and all that "In Trouble" And all my niggas, man, suck a dick 'til you hiccup Dugly, keepin' it bloody "And you need some love and care" Keepin' it real, Shyheim To my whole family, Shy feel yo "In Trouble" We down, but we hold up, son I'm tellin' y'all "And you need some love and care" For real, it's on, nigga Yea, twenty-seven, we roll up the punches "In Trouble" Wu-Tang, we punch, mothafucka Shaolin, Staten Island "And you need some love and care" "When you're down, In Trouble" "And you need some love and care" "When you're down, In Trouble" "And you need some love and care"