Little Rascals (Shyheim)

Intro: This Bob Billiard for the Entertainment News In the news today yoth rapper Shyheim AKA the Rugged Child is rapidly climbing the charts and making a lot of noise Shyheim seems to be one of those little boy rappers Who are making a lot of money. Personally I don't think a little boy should get paid Verse One: Don't call me boy! (why?) Haven't you heard? Boy ain't nothin' but a white man's word As the old saying go- I could never forget. Boy plays a tarzan g-tuck quit So call me Shy with the Ooh la la la Kissin' young girls and i makes them hollar Fortan can never be an orphan. New Yorkin' Wu-slang talkin' So hump the mile as I walk the mile The little rascal's bucked un-juvenile. I be the captain of dappin' of rappin' How you scatchin' the cuts and the scratchin' Not your average shorty 140 on the block I got more props than your 1,000 cops Stop! In the name of me. Like Denise Williams I gots to be free To do what I want to do. Oh Shaboo Here come the Little Rascals Chorus: One little two little three little rascals Four little five little six little rascals Seven little eight nine little rascals Ten rugged rascals in all Verse Two: Gotta make a record to gain recognition, or competition My posse is blitzin': I yell hooray! When they cross the barricade Fuck the arcade- No games are being played Sneaky little Shy from the streets of Staten Somethin' shot me and my cousin cry Jason Jason Jason- time for chasi' -girls I'm on every case like Perry Mason Step in they face and beg them for they number Get the seven digits and now they like the roadrunner Beep! Beep! Yo, things is gettin' deep. Takin' old does and coffee There's no time to sleep. A tazmanian walkin' maniac A young girl playing rap brainiac So pump up the volume. For 10 balls you could have the whole album Of the rugged- Child- Chi- Chi- Chi- Bow!! little Rascal Style