On And On (Shyheim)

Nowadays you gotsta walk the street and watch your back Cause brothers with the gats don't be knowin how to act They always pull the glock when somebody rocks at night And if they get shot they offer shit should the cops Now tell me this ain't livin foul She just had a baby child and she's back to sellin cracks valve's On the Ave cause she's addicted to the fast cash How long will that last before the cops be up in that ass But honey-dip don't want to listen cause she's in no position Now nobody gives a pot to piss in Her life is stuck and filled with bad luck So she fucks and fucks to earn another buck She don't really care about pride And she jumps into another ride then committed suicide Chorus: Hey Yo, this goes on it don't stop Everybody's doin' their own thing From hooker in the drug slang (repeat 2) Times is gettin' hard, word is bond, I sware God I even got caught tryin' to steal from the junkyard A born tebba, A rebel without a pause Ain't nevah had a good Christmas so who is Santa Claus I walk the streets at night with my head down In this lil town you see clowns that want to be down So they get a glock a lick shots to get props And win shit rocks so you can hear when the shells drop An old man got shot in the parkin' lot In front of my buildin' I hang with his grandchildren And for the nigga that pulled the trigga and tried to slide And hide, but he got knocked by da homicide And this happens everyday around my way So I pray that I can live anotha day Chorus Hey Yo, get a load of this guy you know the Mr. Hard He the one who talk about gats but ain't' bustin nobody He speaks the name game so he can just maintain I'd blow him out the frame but his mom said he gang bang But his rep was hi-tech in the projects Pulled his nuckle-jacks so he got mad respect The niggaz in hoodiez packed up their loaded gats Met up in the back so they could plan the attack Wasn't hard to tell that these kids was no joke They let the pistol smoke and at nine was dopin and coked I seen it happen everyday where I live I know a few brothers, drug dealers, most of them fugitives Chorus (repeat till fade)