Party 's Going On (Shyheim)

Chorus 7X: sample Soon as the bass kick There's a party goin on 5c-75 Everyone's gonna be there I bet it be live Ran home mad quick jumped in the tub real fast Condition my hair, put on cologne at last Iron my pants with my blue jean jacket Put on socks black tops with a hat and three packets Clipped my key to my pants, my dough in my right pocket Fly lookin dip can't get even smoke a brain spark it Take a bus now, I call up Newport cab Pay up front says the driver cause he almost got stabbed Pay my fee real quick, jumped out the cab real fast Cut through the alley, oh shit I almost bust my ass Ran up the stairs and just look what I see Crazy dope cuties just starin at me Put on my chump chain with my lucky go getter They're whisperin and laughin "Uh huh he's a winner" Feelin dope, like I never did before Umm, thought for a second and I stepped to the door Knocked three times before someone had opened They said "Yo look at shorty yo he must've been smokin" Shut the door on my face, the girls they say "Don't worry" I said "Damn, I'm still ranked as a shorty" Chorus 8X There's a party goin on are you with me Before you pay your loot make sure it's not empty Cause many people be schemin for a buck Watch out, pray for luck that you won't get stuck By a mob or a crew or a Clan but if it's one man Let the shit hit the fan Cause ain't no way in this world I'm playin pussy Niggaz better try to kill and ambush me Blow for blow, hit for hit money quit Before I have to do some old wild crazy shit So I take the live and put it with the raw And score and draw mad blood from a whore Then I burn an MC up like a burnt english muffin Brothers always puffin in but ain't sayin nuthin To a smooth brother Shy on the slippery script For me to flip up and kick like a kung-fu flick Polish MCs like Griff and offer up an alibi High like Tone-Loc keep you horny like Spanish Fly Clip up a whole new click with Mr. Clean If that don't do it I get on the reverend Visine And still come off on the top so you drop Now I rock the parties non-stop Hickory dickory tickle me - stop Shyheim came to rock this spot Hands in the air as you dance to this jam In command hot damn the kid who slams Up a party and steals like to star G Used to body but now I'm pumpin hotties Outro: samples There's a party over here Party over here There's a party over here (All that, all that youknowI'msayin) There's a party over here (All that, all that youknowI'msayin) Party over here There's a party over here (All that youknowI'msayin)