Real Bad Boys (Shyheim)

Chorus: Screw on the silencers, screw on the silencers 'cause real bad boys movin' silence Screw on the sliencers, screw on the silencers 'cause real bad boys movin' silence Verse one: shyheim I stash butterflie knives and 45's in ma garments Fuck nigga, I take a pussy God quick Peep ma stee in the streets where respected Like the rectomatic dime back to the method, zee Bomb on heads like what kid I keep em on slow mo son I'm the champion at one on one I make it death fun when I killed ya I take a power driller and drill it right through ya liver Ha, ha, ha, I'm ruthless possesed by the devil Fuck fire part I'm on a hole nother level Tha mess tablets make ya mind flick Ma murdarous styles, I kid make female groupies lickin' ya dick Word to ma mother I put this on tour wicked The first that fakin' I relacin'ma dislocatin' Real niggaz do real things youknowhatimean ? The first that fake the game so lincoln thrown in the fiend Killa kane where ya at ? Should he be packin gats, runnin, nah son it won't be none a that The clips who fat plus long, I love doin'wrong plus killin'copperz Favourite song [fuck tha police] Chorus: repeat 2x Verse two: shyheim I rol with criminals, coldbloody murderers, drunk hustlaz, suburban Areas I know ya heard of us Pick up and duck for ma niggaz in the bricks Bad boys, you snakes on the hucious tip I brusk you shit quick phoney g'z won't call I mak it, happen like God test me if ya wanna die lord I wear black to keep ma i.d. on the low I'm all about makin' dough at the fast time fo Fuck shootin' up shit that only makes the spot hot And we don't need the booshaa, blast the blood clot!!! Say word! word iz bond [ word iz bond!!!!] Load tha gats up son 'cause once again it's on Niggaz must be thinkin' that I'm sweet a somethin' I ain't frontin, want you live, I murder someone!! Ha, ha, ha, Fuck y'all crab niggaz Bring it to me Word up