See What I See (Shyheim)

Verse One: I wake up to another day of life and wish I didn't 'cause my records predicted a future of Bill Clinton But I continue to do my thang to make a livin Fuck the police and Judge Brennan 'cause I ain't givin in I'm cops so say the notorious killa Last seen in the hilla in a black vigga Smokin' lye with an unidentified man The feds believe it was a member of the clan A wild nigga so jiggy better be cautious Fuck wit Delores I'm bringin 50 crime bosses From BK to Jersey niggaz want to murder me ain't nuttin sweet kid they bettah bring their whole army Fake ass gangstaz pretend to be killaz End the drama with a slug from the 4-5th for real uh 1 - Makin green for the next man Money ?strugglin plans for the dividends Look in my eyes and tell me what you see (repeat) Verse Two: Same shit different day I scheme to make the paper God dreams of livin large makin niggaz steal and rob Fuck the pleadin Ill leave ya bleedin If ya take to long deliverin Dividends, see nigga, I'm menances like 8 sharp Cracks on my moms china plate Bag 'em up and wait till it gets late and hit the gate Keep my eyes open 'cause po po they be keepin They tryin to get locked on Friday and spend the weekend Then on ruckus island adolescents be watchin So when I'm in the four buildin I'm hollerin Staten Island With my ? in my hand like a 4-5th The first nigga to fake a move is gettin phillied with the quickness I'm hip to this wild ass game called street life It's a cut throat BI with mens who live trife You Squig you my nigga (no doubt to the death) I got the isle in my right hand so son part in the left And let's go to war I got a tech and nine and 3 3-80's Straight from Haiti, Ill turn a nigga into gravy And fuck the media ? ? put this on the news Cause its so safe to know the notorious rulz Repeat 1 (fade)