Twin Glocks (Shyheim)

Damn Twin, why you die on me nigga? The f**k? We was supposed to be here rockin this shit man You was supposed to be shinin nigga You was supposed to be gettin.. I got too timid to bust those garbage ass lyrics I could tell by the way you kick it, you don't live it Everything that could rhyme was stolen, Twin did it Tension that arrest the son, feelin stressed and alone Check how my intellect flex and intersepts your dome Snatch his composure right out of it's clothes Got 'em sayin, "who those, buckwild thug niggas who pulled out guns and made your click run like rivers?" We scary hoodlums Left the projects like the Christians and the Muslims left Jerusalem My other Twin pushed him the f**k out my way Jump off on Broadway in broad day DA get the f**k out my face, I hope the machine breaks Got orders from the voices, that I heard I was told to leave no choices, to y'all herbs Robbin willy's for they platinum chains and Roleys and furs Then I splurge, Twin Glocks, Twin Twin Twin Twin, Twin Glocks I'm kickin Twin Glock lyrics, Twin's still here in spirit Twin I know you hear this, Twin I know you hear this Twin I miss you, Twin Twin I love you Twin Ain't get a chance to make a record, made it for you Twin I'm kickin twin glock lyrics, Twin's still here in spirit Twin I know you hear this, Twin I know you hear this Twin I miss you, Twin Twin I love you Twin And that's my motherf**kin word, I'ma see you again You got somethin, drop somethin and stop frontin You can't say glocks we stuntin, make it rot in the dungeon And when I'm dusted I pin emcee's mentally Diplomatically, crack what you think psychologically Twin's the best, I cop more shit than angel cess Ain't you vexed that I blew a hole thru your Avirex? You used to bite, scratch and bark, snuff a cut I don't give a f**k, when I pop up, niggaz duck You wanna find yourself by yourself? I'm just the man for that You won't even be tryin to find your f**kin way back So get out my way kickin that shit suckers say Fuck the eight, I take a rusty blade and cut your face Straight up, BLAOW! BLAOW! For them faggot ass niggaz that put one up in my cousin's dome BLAOW! BLAOW! BLAOW! Nigga! Got black hoodies on, all in the mix Jumpin outta Wu vans, flatten y'all niggaz Fuck y'all! Twin, rest in peace Big up to the other Twin Remy cats, saggy, Twin Glocks Flippin the homos, throwin shit on flo' boats Twin Glocks, Twin Twin Glocks Twin Glocks, rest in peace my nigga, Twin Glocks Twin AKA Twin Glocks, Shyheim, Twin Twin Glocks Straight up, Stapleton PJ's for life The Moet you pop, Twin Glocks Save the whales, save the whales Free Willy, my name's Willy Save the dolphins, save the tuna Save anything, nobody cares Hi, I am Robin Leech and this is lifestyles of the poor and homeless Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to sing a song for your entertainment I used to think that I could go on Now that I found the thing I love the most is wrong I only got just three more dollars to go When I pass the spot then I'll know That I can see it then I can do it I only have to buy it then I can smoke it I just want to get high Take my money and kiss it goodbye I think about it every night and day To buy some crack and blast away Then I'll buy me some more (ooh) I watch a skeezer as she search the floor Woo!