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You The Man (Shyheim)

(You the man Shy) I disagree baby paw You the man K (Who me? Uh-huh no way You the man Shy) Nah you the rah-rah star You the man K (Yeah but you can rip it the right way) Well okay if you say so I will be the man But all I wanna do is make my record just slam I wanna be the kid to make the real live single To make the party people in the crowd shake and mingle (Yeah well Shy you can do that with ease real simple) True cause I'm the shorty from the Wu-Tang temple But I can't sleep you get the girls and the cash (Yeah yeah but you're the one that got the shorties in the smash) Take one (take two) We comin through for your crew (Who are you?) Talkin about you man (you can't Wu) But you front, you all out punks on the hunt for some beats To make your next LP complete (Here we come) To make the crowd scream for the Clan One by one (Takin out your crew cause we can Get the gun) Better yet a knife what the heck The job gets done (When we chop the head from the neck) Since I'm short they have no other choice but to sleep underneath The blow that be knockin out teeth (I be the K, The Down Low Recka on the set I gets wreck I make the calm sweat wanna bet) So wassup better duck from my ill megablast You move too fast and your ass is in the smash The Down Low Recka, shit I rock full clip In my glock gets hot so stay off my block I come down hard on cornballs who sleep talk Cause you won't survive in New York I flow a mad thick like the sap from a tree I'm of the live brothers represents G.P. I'm hot like the sun, find shade I got my rays on ya Come near to raid my sphere and I'ma lay for ya I see ya comin with attempts to Bougard Peek-a-boo you ain't hard I pulled your whole card I got flavor, you're damn right I gots style Nine yards, nah the K goes the whole mile Whoever said I wasn't ill with the skill One minute I parlay, the next I'm all in your grill Back up, gimme some room so I can flip this You touch this, come on, and get your style busted You lay around and watch me break the mic stand You should know by now that I am the man Comin through, takin my place yeah you all know That I can't be touched by a crew or any solo Who dares to step to this kid and his Clan (Aww damn) Another crew done by the hand Of the Shy (What you do kid) I did him prop (Where's the payphone) Hell yeah, somebody call the cops When me and K grease somebody do somethin Stop bluffin and frontin cause you ain't sayin nuthin You're lyin, claimin that you rip shop up You ain't heard it from me cause I ain't one to gossip (Yeah, the Down Low Recka, niggaz ain't really wanna battle) The Rugged Child is the man to all you crab ass niggaz (Mad flavor, no sweetness necessary, and we out) Peace