A Cunt Like You (Whitehouse)

You look like a f**king bat, you old slut I really loathe vulgarity, so common Your disgraceful cellulitus Youll never be the same again f**king stereotype You take just like a cunt Cunt f**ks just like a cunt You ache just like a cunt You break just like a cunt A cunt like you f**king stereotype Listen to the sound of being alive Look at yourself, cunt Wrap up Pull yourself together Youre a f**king mess Youre a f**king disgrace Cunt And still you're saying nothing happened? While that dog looks at you Hes glancing at that snatch of wizening cleavage Wizening old tit Attraction You must be f**king joking, cunt And as for those ridicolous shoes Always too much perfume Always too much plaster Yes, that dog looks at you In fascinated repulsion Even his disgusting half-erection is disgusted Because nothing in the world could possibly compare To holding His sweet little daughters hand Could it? Cunt