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Cut Hands Has The Solution (Whitehouse)

Hey, knuckle-nicks I'll tell you: It's helping I'll tell you: You're doing the right thing I can see you're used And I don't know where you've been But I do know past failures still haunt you Thoughtless slow remarks you later regret It's hard to own up and take the blame For being a nervous gibbering wreck So go on be a careless fucking onlooker So you can sit and not-think about pain I know about gasping attacks and mirror-blood I know about shitbags and shame I know a fuckload more than you realise A fuck of a lot more than you think I know why you can take a kiss But not a bone-count hug I know you bite your fat banana fingernails And I know why you'd need to shave I know you're a slow fussy pathetic eater And I know you don't sleep much But I'll still tell you: It's helping And I'll still tell you: You're doing the right thing Question: did you ever hurt yourself to make somebody sorry? How often do you pretend to be sick? You ever wanted something very much but never told anybody about it? Are you such a slug you can't live without a fucking sundae? You ever made a bit too much fuss over your cuts? Yes, the cutting will be quite dramatic If you get the crisscross slit right And show an exposed piece of bone Ready for harvest And in a few seconds' time: In a drop of anal red the poison And your totally disgusting diseased unkempt disgusting excuse of a body Continues to react Till mere days after the cutting The cancer says well hello In between fairground muscle twitches And clearly white scaly shit Tinkerboy says burnt it out The little cunt doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about And just weeks after the cutting You really don't know How well can you imagine How soon cheap tears are forgotten Because there's no wasted kleenex or sympathy Nobody would give a fucking toss For a quasi-glamour of your symptoms For your Russellâ¬"s sign And for your atrocious sleepless lucidity Because what if they were provoked? It's prefectness and it's all there No more pointless trawling through self-helped books for triggering examples No more daytime trash or drunken wisdom At first it seems not to be working Til you get that imitation of danger That means you can no longer convince yourself it's not working More and more and more So right now would be a good time for blackmail Who have you ever tried to make guilty? Have you ever told on anyone? What somebody has told you not to tell My question: I said have you ever told on anyone? Yet I'll tell you: It's helping And I'll tell you: You're doing the right thing More and more you wonder if anyone really gives a fuck Do you sometimes feel that: You talk too much You don't listen enough Do you admit to letting others push you around? Who's pushing you around now? Who's hitting on you now? Who's the pervert hitting on you now, kuckle-nicks? Has he successfully perverted an ethic? Has he destroyed a doll body? I'll show you what's it like not to have hands And I'll show you how to hold on tight I'll show you how to piss on your own bedclothes And sit in a closet You'll learn to sweat while unconscious And I'll show you the electric stick You'll learn about the kitty-cut Before the privilege of seeing your own blood I'll let you suck brown-brown and clairil So you know how papa's so brave I'll show you the wide-awake nightmare And now you can buy some fucking fear So new question: can you: Spot a person who's like me? Can you: Imagine a difference between their body and yours? Can you: Imagine a person who looks like me? Could you: Spot a person who looks unlike you? Can you: Spot a person who's how you want to be? Can you: Imagine a person who you'd never want to be? Transferring people is a fucking degrading thing to do to them And one day the you'll understand that One day the you'll understand that: Cut hands has the solution We'll feed you to every hungry bird We'll feed you to every starving animal And we'll let them eat fat till they're full And will let them drink blood till they're drunk As I tell you: It's helping While I tell you: You're doing the right thing