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Daddo (Whitehouse)

Youll never look this good again Youll never be younger than this No The words that slide out of their lazy holes are the same as any other road noise Noise as sad representation Myth A safe remove, aggrandising, desperate, resigned and ultimate separation Only words But they're words I collect Words I f**k Thoughts and campaigners I covet and care so very much about that I keep the showy wrapping paper Say it: only words Say it: it wasn't her fault Say it: monster Nightmare Perfect pure product Bugs flit around looking for an in Something comfortable It wants truth It wants to be fooled It needs to be convinced Its looking for a little religion A suggestion on what works Listen Concentrate Mummy taught you how to like it Daddy taught you how to sleep You don't want those tangles in your hair like when mummy pulled a comb through, do you? Pay attention Let me wipe your face, your little lip and cheeks This is what adults do This is what adults do Say no Say stop Say no you're not Right now, mummy said don't I wanna go home Mummy said This is what you get What you take in It only happens once Im going to teach you to sing And teach you to worry about others The way you worry about yourself So why don't you talk to your daddy any more? Name yourself Not Cunt Nothing happens Not this Not cunt Not just this Not just another hole A tighter comparable pit This time saying Why Fair Not cunt What's bad? What's bad for you? When did it stop being enough? Doing good enough Not this Not just this Not just another hole For baby? What did mummy say? Does mummy let you do this? How do you apply lipstick? How do you apply blush? How do you fold scented kleenex? What's talcum powder for? How do you put on your knickers? How do you pull on your tights? How do you cross your legs? Where do you wear perfume? How do you walk in those heels? Little miss Little doll Little dolly Special Youll always be this beautiful No matter how old and stupid and blank and pinned-up and tucked and sucked in and high-heeled and lied and drugged - just like your mummy looks now Little full empty head You were born for this What do you think the makeups for? The kleenex? The blush? The cocksucker red lipstick? The bleached hair? The talcum powder? Your knickers and tights? The heels? Mummys shoes? Your painted toenails? Do you know there's nothing more? Pout Kiss Smile Slide Your coming tits Your ass Your cunt What the f**k do you think it's for? Youll never look this good again Youll never be younger than this I can see all that And Im not wrong about any of it