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Nobody To Blame (Whitehouse)

He tried to tell her, and she thought it right Hand in hand they marched on through the night He knew the answers, she'd hoped to find It'll just take a little time Just a little bit of time It wasn't easy, but how could they fail Though love can blind you, just like a veil He knew the prize was worth the strain There was so very much to gain So much love was there to gain And they flew so high They lifted off the ground They locked themselves away In the magic they had found Every day they tried to make paradise their aim In the end there's nobody to blame There's never anyone to blame Avoiding the shadows, they struggled on Went up and down, did right and wrong Misunderstandings were pushed aside And the gap became too wide You can not bridge a gap so wide Though they flew so high ... Nothing unusual, no big event Only time and the way that it was spent They missed the signs to walk away Circumstances made them stay Much too late to break away And they flew so high ...