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Don't Pass Us By (Hall Charlie)

And the Lord said If my people who are called by my name Humble themselves and pray and turn away from their Wicked ways I will come and heal their land If my people pray If my pe - ople would pray (Chorus) Broken hearts would be healed empty souls would be filled Oh the blind man can see the lame ones could wald the People would be free Oh the passion restored Alive to Jesus and dead to this World Lord lift up our eyes Holy Spirit come And Lord don't Pass Don't pass us by And the Lord said Climb the mountain child seek my face With your Heart Ooh weep and cry to be set apart I'll pour my spirit Raining down Breaking hearts that are hard and bound If my people who Know my ways Would fall to their face and pray Heal the sick feed the poor clothe the naked see the Wicked be saved When you pray if we'd pray