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Salvation (Hall Charlie)

E A2 E Salvation spring up from the ground A2 E Lord, rend the heavens and come down A2 E Seek the lost and heal the lame A2 E Jesus bring glory to Your name E A2 E Let all the prodigals run home A2 E All of creation waits and groans A2 E Lord, we've heard of Your great fame A2 E Father, cause all to shout Your name Bsus C#mi7 A2 Stir up our hearts, oh God Bsus C#mi7 A2 Bsus Awaken our spirits to awe who You are C#mi7 A2 Put a cry in us Bsus A2 Bsus A2 So deep inside that we cannot find Bsus A2 The words we need Bsus E We just weep and cry out to You