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My Bleeding Heart Swims In A Sea Of Darkness (Feed Her to the Sharks)

Watch as I wither away And fall into darkness Again... When will I break away... The chains to my dying heart? Falling to darkness will I fade away? When will I see this day... Before my hope is lost? Falling to darkness will I waste away? Have I wasted my time watching others live? They will surpass me Have I been wasting? I've been wasting my life I am the sheep Eaten by the wolves tonight Release me From this world Just let me go Free my eyes From deception Now I refuse to wait In the shadows of my past Falling to darkness will I fade away? Now I must break away And reclaim everything I've lost (For I have wasted away) When will I break away the chains to my heart? My bleeding heart swims in a sea of darkness (In the sea of darkness) (Hope is not lost) Swimming to save my life My bleeding heart will never die I won't succumb to the darkness Watch as I break away The chains to my heart I will now embrace And weather this storm And you will die with a bleeding heart Envious!!