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Eyes : Closed (The Contortionist)

All that is left of me are the eyes of a killer. Cold and calculated rage calls my name, Rips my soul right from my chest. These are the days that show what desperation has done to me; My thirst for blood grows with every step. The world seems to be drowning, but I'm burning in lies; My life is still burning in lies and I'm sick of this shit. Behold my darker side for all to see, The darkness hiding in these pale eyes. I've seen the skies topple from the heavens And watched mountains crumble under the weight of the rain, Yet all I can feel is contempt. I've felt our lives change for the better And witnessed the fall that changed our lives forever. Watched our faded forms walk into the mist, Into the light - of revenge and hateful spite. I awake from my slumber tonight, Forever changed into this insatiable bloodhound. Desperate for this change, desperate for change that affects every day. I will not stand still and watch this ruin our lives and numb our so