Can't Quite Call It A Fall (BulletProof Messenger)

You can't quite call it a fall until you've lost it all Why look until tomorrow Though you keep on counting the cards you still won't call them all You push you're cards aside Look at your face in the mirror See the scenes gettin clearer That you'll never stop runnin, why don't you stop runnin To the place deep inside don't you try to go hide Cause it won't be there It won't be there Because you just don't care No reason there That you'll never stop runnin Why don't you stop runnin And its all too clear ill disappear You stand alone, you're on your own Not free from feelin the fall but I won't leave it all And keep it all inside Because you won't say something until its gone then leave it all You leave it all behind Don't back away from confrontation (Cause it will change around I'll make you see somehow) You can't ignore this situation (You don't get it, no you don't get it, get it) Because you just don't care, no reasons there Cause its all too, its all too clear And its all too clear ill dissappear Cause you'll never stop runnin Why don't you stop runnin Because you just don't.. Care