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Like The Rain (Evan and Jaron)

You never smile The way you used to do I see you trying But it's just not you What is wrong And what is right Marvin said he tried He just couldn't get through Maybe it's a line He's just not used to What went wrong And what went right Tell me do you plan this pain Does it come down on you Like the rain Is there something I can say to you I can't stop the storm But I can cover you There's something in the doorway Between you and me From my angle It's too hard to see Tell me would you please Humor me Do you care about me Then care about yourself Or carry on your way All by yourself Your sinking ship Is drowning me Every now and then I think of how it used to be The power you would send Would light up the city For miles aroundyou were never alone I can see you struggle And I can feel your pain I think we're headed for trouble Are we falling apart again