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Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Proud (Evan and Jaron)

Now I've found a little time To take a look back From the caboose And follow the tracks of my life They're tangled about lying true And I know it's just me And my point of view But those are the Important two I don't need to check with the crowd Wouldn't it be nice to be proud A door was open And into the night I jumped through And turned on the light I started to see Thought it wasn't that bright I saw a island sky But it wasn't all blue My answers weren't right But I didn't wanna lose So I'd put up a fight And scream out loud Wouldn't it be nice to be proud And when it all is clear Your time to repair disappears Taking with it chances left untried I see my friend Huddled together Tryin to stay warm In nasty weather We'd beat the odds Whenever they'd call And all the jokes I played on my friends Never did get Me in the end I guess I was Given more than allowed Wouldn't it be nice to be proud