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Breathless Wonderment (Barnabas)

Hidden from the mystics whose writings had foretold With shattering simplicity, the mystery unfolds A small bouquet of cells becomes a living child Fathered by the great I AM, a mother; gentle, mild Nurtured in the shadow of the iron Roman fist Shunning the dementia no human can resist Reports of earthly wonders stir the troubled universe The second Adam suffers to restore the fallen first Hosanna Hosanna Breathless wonderment The perfect sacrament From the dreadful crags of Zion, and the lowly Bethlehem The mighty heart of God is pierced as nail pierces hand The Spirit broods in silence as He did when time was young The Father turns away from His beloved, tortured Son Stumbling, with my face toward the twisting, sobbing sky The dream is reality, through tear-streaked spirit eyes The wickedness I cherish bruised the One I claim to serve The horrendous crucifixion, I most richly deserved