Destroy After Use (Barnabas)

You're up to the neck You may never see the sun again One slip and the world will split like a bloody wound So place your final bet Roll the dice; try to pretend You can go forever, but the end is coming soon You've seen the signs; when you know you've been left behind Remember what your dark lord said: "I destroy after use" Ignorant child So proud in believing you're wild But you're a dog in chains taking kicks from your master in hell He's got his hooks in you Will you take the triple-six tattoo Or try for freedom? You and time will tell You've seen the signs; any day you're going to find The devil's got a line on you To destroy after use You're up to the neck You may never have this moment again One slip and the blade will split through your mortal hide So get this in your head Your life won't end when you're dead And when the graves are open there will be no place to hide