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Little Faith (Barnabas)

The night was black, the air was still The stars refused to shine Twelve men set out upon the sea Their Master, left behind The hours flew, the night grew cold But still no shore in sight The wind whispered a warning In the third watch of the night A storm came up on Galilee The wind began to moan The rolling sea grew angrier Twelve men felt so alone And suddenly they saw a shape Come walking on the sea A ghostly vision of a man Where no man could be The twelve men all cried out in fear Perhaps they even prayed But Jesus answered from the waves "It's me; don't be afraid" And Peter in his eagerness Said, "If it's really you "Just say the word and I'll come walking On the water, too" Then Peter stepped out on the sea But he began to doubt And looking down he felt afraid And sinking, he cried out: "Lord save me! Save me Lord!" he cried And Jesus took his hand "Oh ye of little faith" He said As He helped Peter stand Now if you have a little faith Reach out, He'll take your hand He'll save you from yourself and lead you To the Promised Land You'll never make it on your own Your life's a stormy sea Why don't you just reach out your hand To the Man from Galilee