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Little Foxes (Barnabas)

I can still hear momma say "Win or lose, it's how you play" Aw mom, no harm in a little sin That's how it's done today (Do it!) Every evening after school A couple joints, a couple brews No harm done in a little fun So don't tell me what to do Tell me children, have you heard The devil's golden rule A simple line used all the time Spit on me, I'll spit on you Little foxes destroy the vine Satan laughs: "Your ASS is MINE" "Kiss it goodbye, kiss it goodbye, kiss it GOODBYE" Neatly disguised, you seek to have them all In prideful hate, you bleed them white They laugh us off, but then to you they crawl You shoot them up with cheap delights Come on baby, loosen up Let the fun begin Never mind what momma said To hell with discipline Little by little, drop by drop You'll hardly feel a thing Until you stand before the Throne To plead your case in vain Little foxes spoil the vine