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Never Felt Better (Barnabas)

Some people call us wolves in sheep's clothing They don't like the kind of music we play "Dropped out of school, a pack of lazy young fools They haven't even combed their hair today" I have no intention to cause an intervention In the way it's thought my life ought to be But why not take the time to walk a mile in my shoes And you will see the way this world looks to me And we've never felt better Not looking back; got no tome to back track Never better And it still doesn't matter what they say Rock and roll is here to stay Stabbed in the back by a few we once trusted Then left to bleed alone in the dirt Unfounded lies behind innocent eyes Without a thought about the ones that were hurt This may be a disappointment, but we're not dead yet It doesn't matter anymore what they say 'Cause the truth's in the music, and the music's in me So I guess that means we're here to stay And we've never felt better Won't get embroiled in a fruitless turmoil Never better 'Cause no matter what the critics might say, rock and roll is here to stay Fame is a liar and a silver-lined hole It says compromise is quicker to pay Strike a vinyl gusher, let the good times roll There's mammon in the message today Still it's all gonna burn, every cent that is earned And it's only just a manner of time But with innocence dead, there is conflict instead When 'Spirit led' becomes pantomime But we've never felt better Straight for the sky baby, do it or die Never better And it's ok to be this way 'Cause rock and roll is here to stay