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A Measure Of Insecurity (Icons of Filth)

God is a measure of our own insecurity God is used as an incentive for us to kill To protect governments own security Security of their wealth and power and legalised crime The myth of god keeps us all in line To beg for forgiveness from something unreal, not there God is a con, god cannot care War’s alright cos god justifies it But does god say this, does god exist? Or is god a lie used in governments piss? The voice of god is really the sound of government Masses have and will die for this great myth ...Yet we’ll still take the brunt God is a measure of our own insecurity We want life after death We are so afraid that we may be ‘alone’ And that the responsibility of past, present and future Lies with us alone Well, it does. And accept it we must We must let our minds be free And decide what is right or wrong individually You see, this means realising our moulded stupidity Religion plays a big part in the mind f**king process We are all subjected to from an early age. Is it not Convenient that the Christian morality suits so marriage Like the requirements of the state? These ethics are Forced upon us at school. We are given no time to Question. And by the time we reach a stage where we are Quite capable of knowing perfectly well what we want, we Already firmly believe we want what we are told. This Indoctrination thus leaves us in later life with lessened Self belief and self determination. Surely it is time Enough for us all to question our own thoughts and Actions and decide for ourselves what we think is right Or wrong?... Individually.