Show Us You Care (Icons of Filth)

I’m over here in the cage Take a real good look at my face I smoked twenty fags today • The pain from the experiment has gone away... But it’ll be back soon & I hope I don’t live through it I hope I’ll die Breathe my last breath A way out of a fate worse than death My pain to ease yours It’s a raw deal my rights for your ignorance greed & vanity But I forgot, curiosity rules I mean nothing & you just couldn’t care But you don’t bloody care & it just ain’t fair that I’ve got screws in my head Or if I wind up dead Or if I look pathetic Or if I’ll get an anesthetic Or if I meow or scream for your cosmetic cream Or if they swap my heart Or if I’m torn apart They torment my brain again & again Or if they swell up my eyes or increase my size Or if I’m strapped & trapped to a table or chair C’mon admit it you just don’t care If they rip me open & just start poking around For a remedy to an illness which doesn’t exist Or if they start again for something they’ve missed I must have rights & I want my share But if only, if only you’d show us you care You know I’ve rights & I want my share But if only, if only you’d show us you care ’Cos you can’t understand my voice Somehow it always leaves me no choice I can’t expect you to voice my rights When you don’t even voice your own Because of your ignorance I guess we’ll always pay We fellow beings just hope you’ll realise on day That we’ve got lots in common One is that were both downtrodden by the people Who’ve got big plans for this nation You see they even test animals with chemical warfare Weapons effects & riot control agents & radiation & whilst you’re ignoring There’s a big bang coming Maybe you owe it to yourselves to show us you care So come on & free us Free us..... I dare