I'm In Love With Your Mom (Angry Samoans)

I'm in love for the first time I'm in love with your mom Got a lump in the pants for her I am the Son of Vom Making out Shacking up Your Jazz is really hot But your mummy Is so yummy She's something you are not I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM Got my hands on your knockers Yours are better than some Yours have never had milk Not like the ones on your mom Highschool english You got an A You knew your Dickens plot But your mom Has been to college You're just a dropout twat I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM I got my fingers in you baby Wish they were in your mom Suckin on her nips that's right And her suckin on my prong! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM Every night I get a hard I beat it till I'm sore You wonder why I'm often limp It's cause I want her more I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM