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You Stupid Asshole (Angry Samoans)

1 2 3 You took your clothes off I started to laugh Thats when I knew it was through I guess I'll go I'll take a bath there's nothing else to do. You stupid asshole know you're making me sick You stupid asshole baby suck my dick 1 2 I'm looking at you and there ain't nothing I miss 3 4 I'm closing the door 'cause you no longer exist put out baby I hear these words panning in my brain I need a girl who puts out but you don't and its causing me pain I'm in the middle of doubt You stupid asshole baby I'm one too You stupid asshole I don't know what to do 1 2 I'm looking at you and there aint' nothing I miss 3 4 your just a fucking whore 'cause you no longer exist babe 'cause you no longer exist yeah