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Here In The Hole (Adamson Barry)

You see, that's the way the world is Not a lot you can do about it Except to accept There was a time I thought about it Plenty of time I thought about it Then decided not to Here in the hole; I'm surrounded by fools Degenerates and phonies I suffer a constant bombardment of nonesence from all sides When central control rendered me (?) to requirements My imprinters relocated to the ruins of Paris, where I regenerate My new face accepting me immediately without the usual problems I operate a program of self denial Yet languish in polymorphous perversity as is my want Each day, although I believe I'm free; Something pulls me back into a past made real only by their understanding And all the while the calls come in, and keep coming in (and keep coming And keep coming...) And still; I'm hunted for my flesh I'm hounded for my beauty In a world turned on it's head I steady myself, ready to enter (ready to enter) They believe I know everything, but if my master's memory serves me well In fact I know nothing And so they will find me; And in the middle of a cold afternoon, they will ask: "What is it exactly that you know?" (exactly exactly exactly...) And then, they will take me outside And they will kill me That much I do know