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What it Means (Adamson Barry)

I feel good. I feel bad. Ain't it sad One day it's all going to end Up in flames. Without a shame Cos I'm here. To change the total course of the world (yeah yeah) And that's what I'm singing (yeah yeah) Heat it up. Cool it down Spread it around under the cold shadow of love. I have found (I have found) What it means (what it means). To believe (to believe) And leave the world to the remains Of the day (of the day). What I say (what I say). Ain't so clear (ain't so clear) To souls who die when the decline Can't be seen (can't be seen). They're getting mean (they're getting mean) Now we're going (now we're going) To change the total course Here am I. Love just spilled on what comes naturally. Buy and bye Love just spills and I don't mean rationally What it means. Is you're dead One to the head. If you don't know what is behind. This disguise. It's no surprise. When you think About your own every step of the way The energy pirates will get you They'll chew on your bones for breakfast They'll convince you that baby you're desperate They'll spit on your mound and keep pounding and pounding and All the time. Love just comes and I don't mean casually. Wait a while Love will come and fuck that tragedy (Cancel that shrink we're travelling up to the sky minds on the blink Or maybe the lies. Out of time) I have found. What it means. To believe That what is all going to end Up in flames. Is your heart So let it speak. And change the total course of the world