74 Fullerton (Slapstick)

Alone on the back of the bus Don't know what time it was Sleepin away my way across town I got blown off by my friends So I'll spend the night alone again Then he came up to me and sat down People tell him he's crazy But he's no different than me Cause his friends said he'd be all right Now he's all alone on saturday night He told me something about himself He said he don't need no one else And he was just cruisin the busses for fun I told him about my stupid friends He said "that's just the way it is At least you're not the only one" And he started me thinking That I don't have it so bad Cause it sucks to be alone But at least there's a place where I can go home He's drinking again His spirits are falling Like the rain that hits the bus And he's lonely again All his friends stopped calling When you got nothing you got nothing at all Cause he's got nothing at all He's got no one