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Assembly Of The Locusts (Hell Within)

Eighty percent of you will turn your back on your own god Our prisons holy temples for the modern day criminal mind He kills with sacred hands Divinity has failed we cage the sanctified With righteous plastic smiles you preach but you don't pray A fucking hypocritical mess you have made All bullshit Raise your hands to the absolute power The absent ghost divine Embrace all sin Your words a poison whisper So sell your soul again Salvation is all alone inside your head You'll never see It's in your head All fucking bullshit Lace the truth with empty promise This is a product of man Reach to the sky Assembly of locusts Fidelity is your weapon Salvation is all alone inside your head, man made to believe Collected and betrayed we murder ourselves Thinking we'll be saved Slaying with pride A knife to the throat happens worldwide But it's OK, because all of us who pray will be saved, fuck that Cut out your eyes, blinded by truth and the light, fake light Mass homicide descended by heavenly crimes this time I mask my hate With pious insanity Anoint my wounds I kill again Stab your way into a cement refuge A cage of steel ordained You are the plague Remiss of consequence So burn the word to ash Saved, you think you'll be saved (collapse the last time) Saved, you think you'll be saved Collapse the last time Follow your own heart