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In The Absence Of Fire (Hell Within)

You've got a heart like a loaded gun Shed the skin and spare your eyes from what I've done So You've got a game to play? The deck is stacked so I'll walk away I'm haunted by my lust for your taste Cutting myself feels right Sometimes I don't know if I'm alive A siren haunting once silent shores Weighted me down in the brine I'd toss the key to my own shackles To taste your lips just one last time Blind men can't stare in wonder Her snaking hips will pull you under A burning kiss tastes of gasoline Well on my way to the pyre Just strike the match, my love I'd die just to burn in your fire In the absence of your fire... The blackest waves to take my ship away The spiraling decay of all we had My angel, tie my noose of blackened halos With every single breath I die a little more Cover my mouth Sink your teeth in I'll still love you blindly Clawing at the walls that cage me Why couldn't you just forgive me? I know your hate I've been there It gets no better with every passing day