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Lay Down Your Arms (Hell Within)

Constricting Choked breathing Serrated wounds left bleeding (Why?) The dead fall through empty eyes (Scorch my black skies) Escape with your life I touch my hand to the fire The numb seductress Splintering decay Burning numbered days Feed on my blood until you get your fill (Bear down and sink in) Drain me until there empty eyes turn still (Come take your Vengeance) Such a vibrant heart Blackened now, I left my mark Give triumph to the poison My lies were my own choices Deaf ears can't kill these voices Oceans burn My time of losing Cities fall What am I chasing? Tear down walls Yet I don't see you on the other side I still breathe your scent A twisting knife The fading light dies Killers Liars Chase this shot of gasoline with fire The fall and rebirth of the vile One false step One man down Your words are daggers piercing through my soul (I hear a calling) Changing as your perfect skin turns cold (Dead leaves are falling) Our time was cut short by the ones you trusted Bought their lies I'm not a fallen man Blood drawn from praying hands Against me take you stand On this night I fall (I know you are listening) Take me back to your prison I got a taste for these four walls Take me back to your prison I got no taste for life