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Merchants Of The Blood Trade (Hell Within)

Fill our minds with fear to blind us The hoax is on There were no weapons It's a petty revenge Vindication Annihilate them Ninety-one was nothing This time we'll burn your cities down We'll turn your blood to democracy Just like Jesus would do. [Chorus] So let the children burn They're only terrorist spawn The blood crusade is on A fool is at the helm The idiot pilot of the killing machine Make God and country proud. Each step of treachery (sell your) A coalition... weak (half truth's) Pulpit of lies on holy ground (with a smile) Our young come home in bags Sent to their death by our own Who is the real murderer? Light the match Hit the gas Send them all straight to Hell. We watch it unfold (an error of mass destruction) Like we're living some twisted Tom Wait's song (the blood is on our hands) [Chorus] Burn your nations down So many died in a single breath For blood and oil So many died in a single breath Ostracize us So many died in a single breath Sew our mouths shut So many died in a single breath