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Opomíjené A Cold Body (Hell Within)

Redemption... is a cold body. Burned in the image of my everlasting torment (scarred my flesh) Murderer staked my heart I'm better off dead than believing That you could keep Or want so blindly A twisted mind Trapped in a needled body I keep these etchings on my wall To remind me of what you've taken Left me adrift for endless days In a sea of my past addictions Would you fix your image In the reflection of my polished casket? Or shed a single tear for a hopeless life ended abruptly? I screamed to deaf ears It didn't fucking matter Drained white from empty words Carved in the heart you shattered You failed me... [Chorus] Killer Murderer Deny me of closure These scars won't heal over Rusted frames All I had Pictures of what was I give to the flames Watch you burn Pick up your pieces and burn them all again The smoldering ash Embers of the past Shadows unearthed your truest form The heights of filth astound me I cleansed myself of what's not real I'd die just to pull you from me Consumed inside Corroded spirit Words sear my flesh Spit from the tongues of liars Stretch the skin Constricted breath Face down in your world of mirrors [Chorus] The night wore on In time I saw the sun Familiar voice elusive Everything you said rang hollow We've read this story once The end... a toppled kingdom "I'll tell another lie and you'll believe me." I'm not afraid to die I'm just barely breathing Crushed brittle bones to dust When will we heed the lessons? Hell is full She walks the earth Face down in your world of mirrors