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The Castle Of Blackheim (Diabolical Masquerade)

Somewhere Beyond the Frozen Moors in the Highest North Where only the Falling Snow from the Sky managed to Enter A Kingdom Forever Deserted since it's Birth Forgotten in the Extremest of Storms and Cold A Landscape in Ancient Sleep of Deathlike Silence Yet Breathing in the Growing Wastelands of Frost [Voice:] "...At the End of this Bitter Winter Eternity Laid the Ultimate Overshadowed Ice Forest on Earth... Once the Northern Lightning Struck the Skies It became a Shape in the Entangeling Ice... Winds of Great Haze Whispered upon the Blizzard Storms... an Arctic Domain under a Grinning Silver Moon..." In the Center of the Frozen Burial Ground The Most Monumental Grey Creation was Placed To Conquer Time by Possessing Immortality The Sworn Oath was Coming True Unseen Spirits of the Ancient Universe Sent a Vision through half a Mortal Dream The Sentinel of the World to all Black Elves Was Predictive and Granted by the Wisdom He had to Transcend his Cryptic Wishes All Life and Time stood Still for that Moment Even the Winds Rode Colder and Stronger The Gate Closed with a dustfilled Breath of Vaacum And so it's heard..This became the Castle of Blackheim (And even Today the Propechy Tells) When all Spirits are as many as Stars Something not Known in Words will come to Happen...