Gipfelstürmer (Artas)

[Chapter 2] Unable to see the cruelty of man Carrying the sins of his father's deeds Born weak but blessed with inner fire Taught how to dream learned to hope Designed to be saviour Starring in innocent eyes So clear and quire Reflecting the circles Of a thousand lies Baptizing everything Burning through anything Unable to see Beyond destruction Breaking under the weight Of his father's sins Born strong an cursed with inner fire Taught how to kill learned to reign Designed to be a king Dishonoring thy father's sins Spitting on their graves My memories rebuild savaged lands Give birth to new shores My last supper is near Guilty eyes muddy and vagrant Starring at me Cutting through the circles of a thousand lives Erasing everything Burning down everyone Innocent eyes tainted by guilt Judged as traitor For speaking lies Unchained and misjudged For dreaming free Time is running out Last supper served The hangman waits in devil's shape Now it's time to trade My blood and flesh This is my pact For a better world