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Chew-in-cum (sperm-int Mix) (The Dead)

You eat me with your charm And your supernatural sweetness You cover me with insinuations She invites me to do things that I would do in any case And now I've got pins and needles in my hands Off with your shirt and let yourself go My 10 inch ripper awaits Embrace my Johnny with your lips Let the juice flow And chew-in-cum The pleasant smell of your sweat Your charismatic perfume No need to play with my joystick I blame you for my skin The time has come to play my game Sinful moves Purposeful conclusions in my mind Nice little chick (so) chew-in-cum Supersonic bitch Her love is rocket fuel Super sleazy curves None can deny her You bring life to my dick she won't kiss and tell Release me from my lust She's ultra super slick