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Getting It On (Jacksoul)

See I fell for you back in school.. U were just sweet 16. Don't know how we passed that English class I was working on our chemistry. I would write you songs, four pages long And you'd send notes back to me. Then one Saturday your folks went away And you commenced to freakin on me. Pullin it off, pushing me down Tearin it off, throwin it round Feelin's just too strong So we gotta be gettin it on Tossin your bra onto the floor Losin you shirt, droppin them drawers No it aint unnatural or wrong. Just two teenagers gettin it on. It's been a long hard working day When I walk right through the door. You say something bought food in fridge But it ain't food I'm hungry for. I feel like a panther, walkin around in heat And you got the answer, knockin me offa my feet. [chorus] I don't mind if we grow old together Baby girl me and you My big belly and you big booty In the yard cooking barbeque Even after all the kids are grown And we are both old and gray. I might be slow but this I know Imma freak it to you same ol' way. [chorus]