Love Jones (Jacksoul)

When you're watchin TV, when hear your CD's When you're eating roti... It's the shit you don't see Yeah, you try to shake it like a credit statement Or a footprint in pavement but you're the one who made it. You try deflection and misdirection but this connection is the sweetest infection. You're all up in me... Your weight has pinned me You complete and begin me. I want everything you're offering me. I been some places and I seen some faces Of folks who don't bother to love on another Just flee from the scene leaving broke beings Like some wrecks in the road or a bad episode Of a film they've forgotten, some sweet taste gone rotten, Some cream that 's gone sourIt's time to devour anew! Tell me what to do cause you know I got a (Chorus) Love jones. This feeling's got me so stoned. Everything you do set's me on fire. The lovin that you bring takes me up higher. Now the sun ain't half gone. We don't got the shades drawn. And the lights are still on. And you got your clothes on. And we got the Flow on, yeah but there ain't no slow song playing. See the setting's all wrong but your loving's so strong. I been the shaker and I been that mover And I been the player with lyrics maneuvered To get me some play in the lounges and clubs Just chillin with you, you make me feel love for you One with you... Come to me. Drop your defenses. I will dispense with my ghetto pretenses. I want to be near you so crazy completely Don't care if your naked. Just being with you...Girl it's mad cool. Cause Im feeling you. I'm feeling you [chorus]