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Merry Go Round (Jacksoul)

Mindin my business yall. One day like all others. Watchin at the BET booty yall. I ain't botherin nobody. In walks my lady though, lookin for drama yo. Heavin and screamin I don't know exactly what I did. [chorus] So it's back peddle, double talk. Cuss me up, Then you walk to your sisters. Call you up and beg you back again. Then I take you out, spend some cheddar, Love you up till you feel better... Only last a week or so But that's the way it goes on the merry go round. I'm just a simple man. Simple dreams, simple plans But I cannot understand the way around your mind I don't got telepathy for the vibes you been sending me They used to be offending me but now it rolls off my spine. [chorus] Girl I know your game yo But I ain't gon scream and shout no I'mma go and watch some tv Like I'm gon sleep on the couch. Though Imma wait till three am yes Cause by then you won't be vex. Next I'mma sneak beneath the covers And we'll have some make-up sex... yes [chorus]