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Never Say Goodbye (Jacksoul)

You You're lying next to me in bed. A thousand thoughts go rushing through my head. I turn and kiss your sleeping face instead. You You wrestle with the sheets and cling to me. Just to watch you sleeping perfectly, There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be. Now I never intend to harm you But there's a chance you know I will. And if I do, I'm sorry baby. I'll try harder still. If ever we say goodbye I want you to hold inside The knowledge that you'll always have My true undying love. If the angels above provide On a chariot I will ride Back into your arms so that We never have to say goodbye. Goodbye. Time You and I both have our histories. Now things that came before us cease to be. And all the ghosts inside you You can set them free. Now I never intend to wrong you. That was never in my plan. But if I do, I'm sorry baby. I just want to be your man. If the last day comes tomorrow And the stars fall from the sky, Only then can I release you 'cause I know that all angels have to fly. [chorus] Other Jacksoul songs