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The River (Jacksoul)

Looked out my window to the east this morning To the east there was a big old cloud This Hurricane had no name But it was sure to tear house from the ground. It would take children from their mammas No this terror don't discriminate But what's worse is the sickness it would leave behind Mistrust confusion and hate. [pre I] We all look for salvation in the seconds before the rain Why not say a little prayer on any old lovely day? [chorus] Take me as I am. Take me to the promised land. Never let me go. Never leave me lonely. Take me to the river. Accompany me to heaven. Every one will know that you're my one and only. Little man why you play so hard, Like no brother ain never gon' do nothing good? It's such a shame when you act reckless Like no one never found love in no hood. Lord knows there are snakes in the water And I've always had to fight for what's mine. But I would never tell my daughter Being black means going and killing my own kind. [pre II] I'm all about keeping it real and death is a part of life... But as long as we're here walking around why we singing about trying to die? [chorus] (bridge) It's gonna be alright Just take my hand We'll go together No need to go far What we've got right here This is heaven [pre II]; [chorus out]; [end].