Any Reason (Sweatshop Union)

Is everybody on the same page? Is it safe to say we're all sick and tired of living this way? Sick of swallowin' lies, sick of followin' trends Sick of swallowin' pride, sick of followin' them Tired of falling in line, not speaking your minds Tired of askin why, and gettin no reply Try to keep the drive Seems so hopeless right? Anything is possible if you and I can rise. There's a life they see in you Despite your inner? Lifes the inner few, gotta fight for being you It's like the western view, we rest and never move Sip the nectars brew, and enjoy the better view Cause who's gonna say it? Come on, who's gonna be the one? Who's gonna make it happen? Who's gonna save us from... us? When the time comes, when the time runs out Let the crowd die down, everyone gather round [Chorus] Are we gonna take it? No Not for a damn thing Not for anybody And not for any reason Then how we gonna make it? (make it) When no one even cares? (even cares) Aren't you tired of being patient? (Yeah! ) Stand strong and be prepared (be prepared) Stop, take a minute off from life and just Drop everything that's got you trippin it's not A great commitment of times and we've got To get ourselves realigned Each day we wake, same old mistakes Keep on this pace, or lose this place We choose to make, this life this way And despite the stakes, still live as slaves Behave as though outside a window Not in this rows of roads, littered with condo's City lights that glow, a bitter light composed Of lost souls, dyin souls who profit off our woes. Oh hey now, I kinda like the way the bass sounds Play aloud and give me time to wind the day down Stay around awhile and we can sit about And talk speak your mind let it out and we can set it off Just get it off your chest, fuck stayin' depressed Put it all to rest, and rise about your nest Don't settle for less, come on make some noise Renovate the mess, and let me hear your voice [Chorus] - 2X