Dirty Work (Sweatshop Union)

Well I'd like to see the likes of me relax with a wife and seed Time to write and read No fight to get a bite to eat It might just be a pipe dream but fuck the alternative Turning the lights green on the destruction of the Earth It's just obvious to me that the way that we do it's wrong And I'm not just gonna be the type that prays and moves along When these days we lose are gone, and we need every moment The maze is too long to proceed that slow and When the pain stops I'll crawl up out of bed But these raindrops are falling on my head My brain stopped recalling what I read Back in school 'cause I train not to swallow what I'm fed So for the time being I'm seeing things a little differently Bringing out the kid in me as I sing and shout a symphony And think about the shit that we confuse and take for granted 'Cause we're losing sacred land as we abuse and rape this planet [Hook 2X] Get our hands dirty working for the things we need Scritch scratch to eat and the air that I breathe Leave the rest alone and rest time at home A congested mess of those obsessed with what they own As a free-thinking man I'm proud of who I am We're deep in sinking sand And not allowed to give a damn But with this vivid plan I'll visit lands I'm sick of name brands Made cynics out of fans To limit what we understand But in this village of the damned It seems a long ways away Another day gone astray One more song that gets no play The old say it's the youth, but the youth say it's the old The truth is rarely told, unaware we're out of control Tryin' to hold ourselves together, but all of it tempts me The heart and the soul and the wallet running empty From MTV to the pages of the source We pay homage to the hordes that line the shelves of record stores What's it all for? I often ask myself Should I get off my ass and be like everybody else? Maybe seek some help Or live in rhythm of health For an instant found wealth But no resistance is felt [Hook 2X] Well I see barstool prophets and philosopher kings I hear manic street preachers speak of God and our sins We gotta begin To see that God is within The u-n-i-verse of Earth as we constantly spin Do you wish to be free, or be habitually sleeping? Are we histories sheep, or will we live to see freedom? Cause we been lied to all of our lives And I don't think I can take anymore F*ck TV, high school, and all of your lies I can see right through your face to the core So don't even try to tell me what to say I'll make you scream and cry when you take my love away Day in and day through I may win and may lose But if all else fails I'll just sing and play blues Hey you, what's your name? Make your hand into a fist We haven't changed the world but we can if you resist [Hook 2X]