Stolen Memories (Sweatshop Union)

I'm on my way, on the highway/ To a special place, it never rains, with better terrain/ And by the way I'll say good bye game/ But you cannot come with me somebody's got to stay/ So I'ma see you on my next life/ I might get it right, I might not/ Sweat it not, I love you lots/ So raise a glass to our friendship/ We had a lot of laughes, a lot of scraps you had my back through all of it/ It's a tough pill to swallow kid/ When you don't know if you'll see tomorrow/ Did you see me on the TV yesterday, yesterday/ Before I had to leave my life and throw it all away/ Throw my love in the bay, I'm moving again/ A sharp angst hill when this thing takes ill/ So keep building for the children of the earth/ After every death, there comes a rebirth/ (Chorus) When I leave this life, a life leaves me/ We'll still be friends, yeah, we'll always be/ Born an MC, but I'll die a thief/ Take to my grave stolen memories/ I remember listening to Led Zepplin/ Before I got into hip hop, or read anything/ My old british pop, John Lennon, rambling/ Like imagine, I never stopped imagining pop/ 84, maybe more, there was a fave breakdancing/ Everybody is my school did the wave/ Remember sitting in the shade, fourth grade/ When your momma brought you cupcakes for your birthday? Or the WWF (yes yes)/ On your bike you were in trouble, but doubling was the best/ With the ladies, or girl I guess/ I went to private school, I loved that kilted dress/ Powell Edgar built the best/ And Def Jam was the label with the skill to test/ And the lady, gave me silky sex/ How I love making love in the wilderness/ (Chorus) (Bridge) Back in the day, I wish that I could stay/ So many more things to say, but y'all I have to go away/ And when the cool rain, hit the hot pavement/ All the fools yell, BLOCK PARTY IN THE BASEMENT/ Poker faced boys was the crew with the aces/ Picture in my mind, I ain't forgetting any faces/ Basically, it's a tragic comedy/ I gotta go but I'll be smiling as I leave, on the eve of a new beginning/ I know you be grinning, with women and a cinnamon bun, just winning/ When life gave us lemons, no lemonade, gin and tonic and seven/ A little piece of heaven in it, gin and tonic so good with a little squeeze of lemon in it/ Hot days and a, summer breeze and a/ Friends and family please remember me/ Seeing the things I didn't deserve to see/ Life's so good it's like a stole the memories/ You talk about borrowing time. Well I borrowed time, and became a thief… stole me some memories.