Sunburn (Sweatshop Union)

Yeah, alright, yeah I won’t stand still not holding my breath When they say no I’m telling them yes Got a burning desire inside of my chest Ribcage ablaze, fire proof flesh Won’t feel rushed and I won’t feel pressed Don’t like burns don’t like stress Nothing is certain I work with the yes I learned to adopt and accept missteps Got a birds eye view over your head You could to got wings just spread Act alive don’t act dead Run wild, get naked, go to work, get fed Maybe I’m a dreamer Maybe I’m a leader Maybe I'm neither I aint a believer Long as I stand here, as long as I breathe here Trying to live life and be free before I leave here The first is the last picking through the remnants Living in the past, future, present Use to be all then I grew younger hand in the clouds Then I feel thunder telling me cool Feels like a sunburn this is my song What if no one heard, now, welcome to the runway Welcome to the nucleus Everybody wanna be stars Wanna look down on the earth, mars, venus Least that what the dream is Fire in the heart, birth of the phoenix A life for the light, night Infinite life is infinite genius Till the day that I eat clips Remade for the age of the remix!