The Thing About It (Sweatshop Union)

This is a time of growth for those that know And it's a time of hope for those that don't But if you're mind is open you'll get shown We've had our sights blinded; All of my like-minded People need to get up and discover the right time; it's now Just start opposin' the powers that are rose In ancient days; And pave the way to disclothe it So control it's sickening; Most just sit and stare At a television with a distant glare And I'm ashamed to admit it, I'm a slave to the shit As much as anybody but I'm not afraid of it This is where the change comes in, this is where we make some difference Embrace what's within us; And escape from this prison All it takes is a little bit of faith And a little bit of love to get rid of all the hate But the thing about it is we can't just sing about it We can't just sit around and wait until they fit us out We figure out where we're goin' while we live in doubt If you want my truth, listen now, we'll just think about it The thing about it is we can't even think about it Can't afford a minutes time to figure how to bring about a change so Take a second and shake your head and then Take a step ahead and think about it Now the ball is in our court while we sit and watch passively The face of the earth changes drastically after we Clear space at this rate for strip malls and factories We risk take a cruel fate at a pace beyond gradually No more crops for us to harvest and feed Self-seficiency replaced by clone copy-written seeds Now ask yourself how can we be free When the water that we drink is owned by some company I hear the weap of the streets and cry's of the skies See weakness disguised as disceiptful lies But we all lead to survive; And sleep through our lives Weedin' for highs, all sheep and no pride Never speak of a lie; I let the fear fortify My inside's'll die tryin' to fit in the design I'm reminded daily of world gone crazy Guns mean safety for orphan babies Ignore the distortion, you're forced to perceive and believe What's supersede's as love but who agrees You survive in the wild with a wife and child Our whole human history's a line, a type and a file So live your life in denial, and try to live on your own Without ya colour t.v., heat, a friend or the phone While the average guy lives an elaborate life Waits days a slave wage beneathe a passionate eye Now we ovulate, copulate and overpopulate Never stop to think about the things that we were taught to hate Now the stage is set, watch the players place their bets Take a sec, shake ya head, feel alive, make em' sweat Realize that the system can't exist with out belief Appreciate ya true potential, un-twist your mouth and speak We're workin' on buildin' a world our children can live Understand I can't be free while your still in this prison And I can spend my days preaching as so on and so forth But it won't change 'til we don't want to go on no more - 2X This is a time of growth for those that know And it's a time of hope for those that don't But if you're mind is open you'll get shown