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Yearning (Haujobb)

See you in hell" "I've got people in this fucking platoon so sick they wouldn't get out of the hospital! But I'm here now. Come on. Fuck!" Strange voices speak to me is it true how can it be hidden under my bed something's creeping up my bed Strange people strange places change their feelings change their faces shades of grey in the night you know I'm freezing inside I thought I saw it was a product of public relation my whole moved it was a spasm of my imagination finally I open my eyes they're waiting for me in filthy disguise I saw cameleons keep their place what a beauty what a grace "Pull your team out, Gore!" "I've got signals, I've got readings in front and behind!" "See you in hell" "Where man? I don't see shit!" "He's right! There's nothing back here!" "The hell with you" "Look I'm telling you there's something moving and it ain't us!" "It's off the scale, man!" "They're all around us, man! Jesus!" "The hell with you" "Maybe they dont show up on the infrared at all" "See you in hell" "The hell with you" "Come on!" "See you in hell" "Jesus christ Apone, what's going on??" "keep moving!" "Row, sound off!" Ahhhhhhhh! Paralyzed on the left cutting my brain sensory area ribbed with pain! ribbed with pain! Shifting segregatation f? f? with ?w helpless among the helpless skull fissure provoke me we've got bullets bullets!